IMPACT’s Apprentice Company program was established in 2013. IMPACT’S upcoming Season Five marks three years for Apprentice Company. It was created and continues to grow with the vision of providing teenagers and young adults with great opportunity. The Apprentice Company is comprised of advanced high school and college students, ages sixteen and up. IMPACT Dance Company is not a dance school. Apprentice members should be enrolled in a dance-training schedule outside of IMPACT classes and rehearsals. IMPACT must receive written permission from a studio owner and/or director. Apprentice dancers connect with the Company through our mentor program. They are trained in a professional atmosphere to dance, rehearse, take class, and perform. Technique class is provided up to three hours a week, based upon the individual’s placement in pieces. There is a fee for all Apprentice Company members, however, partial scholarships and work study options are available. 

The Apprentice Company