Our Inspirations

Each of our Benefit Concert Series will highlight a subject of awareness that IMPACT Dance company would like to bring to a wider audience. The inspiration of our subject may be a person, medical condition or social matter.


Our very first source of inspiration is Hailey. IMPACT Dance company's founder, Meghan McCaffrey has known Hailey since she was born, but most of our dancers met her when she was 3 years old. Hailey, like many other little girls, loves to dance. The difference is Hailey lives with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy (CP). This affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. It can also impact fine motor skills, gross motor skills and oral motor functioning.

(to learn more about CP please go here)

Hailey's unique movements have been incorporated throughout the choreography and translated into a beautiful demonstration of contemporary dance.