Prelude 1 (Hailey's Piece)

This section was inspired by Tom, Hailey’s father. I had asked him to write down some emotions he initially had during Hailey’s birth and the journey leading up to Hailey’s diagnoses. Strength, pity, doubt and hope were four topics that Tom geared his writing towards. These four words were the main inspiration for this section.

“This will be a first for me. Trying to make anybody understand the emotional and mental state of parent of a child with a life-altering disability. Needless to say, nothing I discuss here will begin to explain or be able to make anybody relate to our current situation. However, that is not the reason I haven't said anything before. The reason is I have learned to suppress any emotion that would hinder my ability to make Hailey the strongest person she possibly could be.”- Tom Harrold